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CAYLA Study Tours

CAYLA study tours provide networking and learning opportunities among international peers to CAYLA graduates. Participants study social impact models in-person and develop personally and professionally. Each study tour is tailored to the needs of participants and centers on the themes chosen by CAYLA members.

CAYLA study tour participants posing for a photo

The upcoming study tours will take place in September 2022 for 17 CAYLA graduates. CAYLA graduates will meet regional counterparts, better understand their work, draw lessons applicable to their own country and explore areas of potential cooperation. The tour will be tailored to CAYLA participants’ three most “in-demand” topics: Social Project Management and Implementation; Innovative Communications and Public Relations Campaigns and Partnerships and Creative Collaboration for NGOs as well as participants focus areas, which include social entrepreneurship, youth leadership, media projects, volunteering, gender equality, inclusion, environmental projects and social innovation hubs.

For more information, please visit our Public Events page.

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