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Non-Governmental Organizations

The Institutional Development Program

The Institutional Development Program (IDP) is a 10-month program that assists civil society organizations to be more financially sustainable and responsive to their constituents through a series of closely interconnected activities, including rapid assessments, tailored trainings, coaching and grant support.

SICA-trained experts conduct assessments through interviews with staff members, leadership, and target beneficiaries. Each organization then works with one dedicated expert from Central Asia to maximize identified strengths, address weaknesses, and mobilize around key development opportunities. Participating organizations can enroll their staff in advanced courses and trainings on topics like strategic planning, effective communications, fundraising, and social enterprise development.

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IDP Activities

Become an Institutional Development Expert page
Become an Institutional Development Expert
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Participate in the Civil Society Organization Development School page
Participate in the Civil Society Organization Development School
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Go on Institutional Study Tours
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Institutional Development Grant

Success Stories

Uzbekistani NGO Launches Renovated Center for Women with Disabilities
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Zahira Begaliyeva and her team posing for a photo
Professional Development Training for People with Disabilities in Kazakhstan
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