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The Social Innovation Incubator

The Social Innovation Incubator

The Social Innovation Incubator fosters the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices among civic leaders across Central Asia. The Incubator showcases the work of top organizations designing and deploying innovative strategies to meet pressing social needs throughout the region. The Incubator should showcase the work of well-known regional and international representatives of “innovation hubs,” leading organizations in the region in designing and deploying innovative strategies, and other social innovators. 

In addition to receiving consultations, coaching, and group work, participants are presented with innovative project ideas, and these ideas formed the basis of new project proposals for SICA grant opportunities.

Social Innovations Incubator participants

Participants, grantees and other beneficiaries of SICA, as well as other civil society actors from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will be invited to a new Social Innovation Incubator session in early 2023.

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