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Social Innovation in Central Asia
Cultivating a vibrant and responsive civil society in Central Asia

Eurasia Foundation envisions a world where all people have the opportunity to realize their potential and transform their societies.

Our Major Activities

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Youth Leadership
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Our Success Stories

Vladislav at EcoCashBack premisesFarrukh Umarov at a project team posing for a photoZahira Begaliyeva and her team posing for a photoInitiative Support project team posing for a photo
Return and Earn: Incentivizing Environmental Stewardship in Kazakhstan
Many people look to warmer seasons with anticipation, excited for all that the good weather has in store—but not Vladislav. As a neighbor to the community landfill, Vladislav balked at the smell brought by warmer weather as heaps of litter baked in the summer sun. “It is really difficult to thrive in these conditions,” he says. “At some point you realize that you need to take action and make a change.”
Young Activist Forges IT Talents in Tajikistan
Farrukh Umarov, 29, from Tajikistan, is an Oxford University graduate and the founder of Ilmhona, a tech skills acceleration center. He was born in Istaravshan, a small city in northern Tajikistan, to a family of labor migrants. Farrukh's father, like hundreds of thousands of Tajiks, migrated to Russia when the boy was only 10. Creates Opportunities for Kazakh-Speaking Youth 
Zhandos Meirmanov hails from Karagandy, an industrial city in the heart of Kazakhstan. Growing up, Zhandos studied in a Kazakh-language school and spoke Kazakh at home. At university, he joined the local debate club. This political science major credits debate for honing his communication, argumentation, and problem-solving skills. The catch? Debates only took place in Russian.
Professional Development Training for People with Disabilities in Kazakhstan
SICA’s institutional development experts helped Zahira Begaliyeva and her team revise the organization's mission, which ultimately helped forge new partnerships and attract new donors.
Expanding Youth Employment Opportunities in Kazakhstan through Professional Education in the Digital Sphere
Samal Rakhatova studied social media management in university, but she had trouble finding a job in the field upon graduation. She worked other jobs but felt unfulfilled and distanced from her passion. Eventually, she quit her job and became virtually unemployed, until she found Promising Professions for the Future, a project supported by USAID’s Social Innovation in Central Asia (SICA).

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